A Model for New Foundations!

Mika Oksanen .mtoksanen.hum.hy at elo.helsinki.fi
Mon Mar 8 20:20:41 EST 1999

Dear All,

I believe I have constructed a model for NF in ZF by using techniques 
derived from revision semantics. The model is presented in the 
article "A Revision Theoretical Model for NF"  which can be found 
in all the standard formats at my home page at 
http://www.helsinki.fi/~mtoksane/articles.html. Being a 
philosopher first and a logician second rather than a mathematician, 
I would be grateful for comments so I can confirm that I have not 
made an elementary mistake - the basic idea behind the model seems so 
ridiculously simple. 

The model is essentially a term model - the sets of NF are 
interpreted as equivalence classes of closed stratified terms of 
the form {x:f} of a slightly modified version of the language of NF. 
I have included in the article relatively detailed proofs that the 
axioms of NF are really true in the model so if there is an error you 
should be able to pinpoint it. Unfortunately the formulation of the 
proofs is still rather cumbersome and there are sure to remain some 
Mika Oksanen
mtoksanen at elo.helsinki.fi

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