FOM: proletarian logic

Kanovei kanovei at
Thu Mar 4 08:53:32 EST 1999

> At 03:06 PM 3/3/99 -0500, simpson at 

>According to Marx, logic is conditioned by non-logical factors.  In
>Marx's specific version of the theory, the determining factor is
>social class.  According to Marx, there are competing logics such as
>`bourgeois logic', `proletarian logic', etc., based on social class,
>and the only arbiter among them is raw power or historical necessity.

This is not exactly what the marxist doctrine 
is teaching. According to that, the sciences 
divide on a) natural (including mathematics), 
b) social, c) philosophy. While b) and c) are 
subject of social class orientation 
(say `bourgeois' or `proletarian'), 
a) is in this sense neutral. 
Therefore at least *mathematical* logic, as a 
part of mathematics, cannot be really 
`bourgeois' or `proletarian', but: it can 
become such as soon as it gets to philosophical 
generalizations, say, on the nature of mathematics, 
which is typical for FOM, for example. 


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