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Robert Black Robert.Black at
Wed Mar 3 16:24:13 EST 1999

Marx was brought up on a diet of Hegel, and alas he bore the traces to his
dying day, so he's not someone whose views on logic I would want to take
seriously.  (I would and do take his views on some other things seriously.)
However, Steve says:

>According to Marx, there are competing logics such as
>`bourgeois logic', `proletarian logic', etc., based on social class,
>and the only arbiter among them is raw power or historical necessity.

Just where (I want chapter and verse!) does Marx say anything remotely like
this?  I'm familiar with texts from Stalin and (perhaps, just about) Lenin
which head off in this general direction, but although I know my Marx
pretty well, I'm unaware that he ever said anything of the sort, and it
would greatly surprise me if he did.

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