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Steve has most recently accused me (cf. his posting of March 1, 1999,
18:06:54) of promoting the 'outdated, virulently bigoted, anti-mathematical
logic arguments' of Poincare regarding the status of induction. ... In his
next posting (March 1, 1999, 23:35:34) on 'postmodernism' he unleashes his
own special style of criticism on a paper  on postmodernism and G's
theorems that I had recommended to readers interested in seeing some of
what this literature has to offer. He begins with the penetrating
observation that 'humanist academics of the postmodern stripe ... are all
charlatans'. He follows this with the further stunning insight that the
author, David Thomas, is 'apparently a typical humanities grad student
flunky' whose 'lit crit education has undermined his command of language to
the point where he can't express himself properly'.

What an illuminating and ennobling viewpoint, Steve ... Thanks for your
unflagging dedication to the war against bigotry ... and the rising tide of
typical humanities grad student flunkies ... We're all indebted to you for
your unwavering dedication to truth and the ideals of rational thought.

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