FOM: policy for FOM postings; surgery

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Tue Jun 8 18:24:29 EDT 1999

I begin with an excerpt from the FOM information sheet, which is
available on-line along with the FOM archives at

 > Please observe normal e-mail etiquette and remember that your message
 > will be seen by a large number of people.  The following standards
 > apply:
 >   a. Those who post to FOM are encouraged to identify themselves by
 >   name, profession, institutional affiliation, and research interest
 >   if appropriate.  (An example is below.)
 >   b. FOM postings should be highly relevant to issues and programs in
 >   foundations of mathematics.  There should be a strong emphasis on
 >   intellectual and scholarly standards.  Postings should be
 >   thoughtful, well-reasoned, lively, and provocative.  Controversy is
 >   to be expected, but we should avoid personal invective and other
 >   irrelevant discussions.
 >   c. FOM postings are to consist of single-spaced, plain ASCII text.
 >   d. As FOM moderator, I intend to enforce the above standards
 >   selectively, as my time permits.  I do not guarantee uniform
 >   enforcement.
 > -- Steve Simpson
 > FOM moderator
 > Name: Stephen G. Simpson
 > Position: Professor of Mathematics
 > Institution: Penn State University
 > Research interest: foundations of mathematics
 > More information:

Now let me add another point:

  e. FOM postings should quote other postings only minimally, just
  enough to remind the reader of the context.  Extensive quoting is
  unnecessary, because all FOM postings are available in full on-line.

This is not a new policy.  It is a standard that I as FOM moderator
have stated and enforced from time to time.

-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

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