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Brouwer's philosophy of mathematics is really part of his overall
philosophy, which  was expounded in his Vienna lectures and in the big post
war lecture "Consciousness, Philosophy and Mathematics".

I have tried to give a concise version of it in a couple of lectures and papers:

- D. van Dalen, "L.E.J.  Brouwer's Intuitionism: a revolution in two
installments". Proceedings Thirteenth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in
Computer Science. June 21-24, Indianapolis, IEEE Computer Science
1998, 228--241.

- D. van Dalen. The Development of Brouwer's Intuitionism. The Roskilde
Conference on the History of proof Theory. forthcoming 1999, Kluwer.

- D. van Dalen. Mystic, Geometer, and Intuitionist: The Life of L.E.J.
Brouwer. The dawning Revolution. Oxford University Press. 1999. vol. I
(various parts)

- D. van Dalen. The Intuitionistic Conception of Logic (Ed. A.C. Varzi.
European Review of Philosophy, 4, 1999, 45--78.)

- D. van Dalen, D. van. From a Brouwerian Point of View. Philosophia
Mathematica, 6, 1998, 209--226.

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