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Wed Jul 14 11:58:54 EDT 1999

Conference Announcement:

Notre Dame Graduate Student Conference in Mathematical Logic
University of Notre Dame 
Sept. 25 - Sept. 26, 1999

	The Notre Dame Graduate Student Conference in Mathematical Logic
is designed to give graduate students the opportunity to deliver and hear
talks in mathematical logic, as well as develop peer contacts in the
field. It will run from Saturday, Sept. 25 to Sunday, Sept. 26, 1999.
Graduate student participants will either summarize current work in their
field or present their own results. Professors are welcome to attend the
talks and encouraged to send their students. 
	Student participants are encouraged to deliver talks. Talks will
be either 20 or 45 minutes long and should be aimed at other students in
the field. This conference is a good opportunity to practice giving
research-oriented talks in a professional setting. Students receiving
their doctorate in May can use this time to practice the job talks they
will be required to give for job applications in the spring. Since the
talks will be aimed at graduate students, we hope they will be accessible
to most attendees. 
	Abstracts in model theory and set theory should be sent to Jacob
Heidenreich (jheidenr at (or the address given below).
Abstracts in computability theory and proof theory should be sent to
Andrew Arana (aarana at (or at the address given below). Abstracts
should be received by August 25. Please indicate if you need 20 or 45
minutes. Please let us know if you will be coming by August 25. Hotel
information will be made available, as well as alternate free housing
(we'll find you a couch to sleep on.) We are currently looking for
financial support for travel and hotel costs, but have not obtained any
	We have set up a web page for the conference at as well. It includes
directions to the meeting. It will also include the schedule when it is

Please tell anyone you think might be interested!

Conference organizers: 
Andrew Arana
Jacob Heidenreich
Dept. of Mathematics
370 CCMB
Notre Dame, IN, 46556

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