FOM: Readings of "Brouwer's Philosophy", Please

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Tue Jul 13 14:51:35 EDT 1999

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Steve Stevenson wrote:

> I am looking for a concise statement of "Brouwer's
> Philosophy". Goldblatt has a nice short version in his book *Topoi* which
> talks about Brouwer's ideas of "mental constructions", etc. I would
> like to read a more indepth (possibly philosophical) exposition.

It's far from concise, but perhaps the best reference on Brouwer
(as opposed to other forms of intuitionism) is W. van Stigt's book,
"Brouwers's Intuitionism", published by North Holland (Elsevier) in 1990.

Well worth a look.


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