FOM: Re: As to a "naivete" of G.Cantor's set theory

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Wed Jan 27 01:29:48 EST 1999

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From: Alexander Zenkin <alexzen at>
Date: 1999 25 Jan 19:22
Subject: FOM: As to a "naivete" of G.Cantor's set theory

KP> In my online hyper-textbook for students (now almost
finished, see I tried to
"formalize" Cantor's original set theory as the following
(inconsistent) set of (first order) axioms: Extensionality,
unrestricted Comprehension schema, Choice. Do you think, this
set reflects Cantor's notions of 1873-78 correctly?

Karlis Podnieks
University of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Computer

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