FOM: posting from Grandy

Neil Tennant neilt at
Wed Feb 24 11:12:59 EST 1999

Can any fom-er provide a quick answer to the following query from Dick
Grandy (who I think is not a member of this list)?

Neil Tennant

>From Dick Grandy, Tue Feb 23 19:45:29 1999:

I am probably making a very elementary blunder, but in the process of
working through preparing a lecture on the jaskowski sequence of
characteristic matrices for intuitionistic sentential logic, I am unable to
see how the matrices fail to validate (A-->B) v (B-->A).

I am looking at the Rose 1953 paper, though the same problem arises for the
matrices given in Church IML (p 146-7) though he does not claim his
matrices are characteristic.

I am hoping you can either set me straight quickly, or perhaps refer me to
someone else who has these things at their fingertips or an appropriate

Many thanks

Dick Grandy

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