FOM: misuse of G"odel's theorem

William Tait wtait at
Wed Feb 17 11:56:38 EST 1999

Dear Vladomir Kanovei,

The kind of answer to

>S=ZFC is a quite adequate formalization of
>*our present methods* in mathematics.
>Could you please present any one question
>which ZFC can't answer *but we can*.

that I had in mind was the question `` Consis(ZFC)?''.  If by ``we'' you
allow me to refer to those of us who believe in the existence of an
inaccessible cardinal, then we can answer this question and so also prove
that ZFC cannot answer it.

(If this doesn't seem to you a very interesting point, I agree: my comment
on Martin Davis' posting was a bit frivolous.)

Best regards,  Bill Tait

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