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Jeff Hirst jlh at
Mon Feb 15 17:41:12 EST 1999


Steve Simpson recently stated that "(he is) happy to give credit
to (his graduate students) when they earned it."

As one of Steve's former Ph.D. students, I would concur with
this statement.  To the best of my knowledge, Steve never
exploits any of his students.   He was an excellent mentor.

It seems to me that exploitation of graduate students might
be more common in sciences that are more experimental in
nature (like physics or chemistry).   I have no hard data
to support this, though there seems to be abundant anecdotal

-Jeff Hirst

On Thursday, Feb 11 1999 Steve Simpson wrote:

> Yet, I have supervised a
>  lot of Ph.D. students <>,
>  especially in reverse mathematics, and I think it's fair to say that
>  I'm always happy to give them credit when they earn it.
>  [ I now ask my former Ph.D. students here on the FOM list to chime in
>  and confirm what I just said! :-) ]

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