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Jim Humphreys jimbo at
Mon Feb 15 14:29:32 EST 1999

On Thursday, Feb 11 1999 Steve Simpson wrote:

>  As an example, take my own case.  Many people view me as a tireless
>  and shameless self-promotor, striving to make everyone aware of the
>  wonder and beauty of reverse mathematics.  Yet, I have supervised a
>  lot of Ph.D. students <>,
>  especially in reverse mathematics, and I think it's fair to say that
>  I'm always happy to give them credit when they earn it.
>  [ I now ask my former Ph.D. students here on the FOM list to chime in
>  and confirm what I just said! :-) ]

As one of Steve's former Ph.D. students, I am all too happy to confirm that
Steve is exemplary in giving credit to his students, and, indeed, to those
who are not his students. In fact, I would go further and say that I cannot
think of a single aspect as an academic advisor in which he falls short; I
consider myself very fortunate to have studied under him.

On the other hand, I've never heard anyone describe him as a `tireless and
shameful self-promoter', nor do I see how `striving to make everyone aware
of the wonder and beauty of reverse mathematics' counts as self-promotion.
So I'm afraid I can only confirm part of his statement above.

Jim Humphreys
(who is also puzzled as to what's so incredible about academics expressing
political views)

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