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  Just a little note from a complete newcomer to the FOM mailing list., 
  following up on a discussion started my A.R.D. Mathias
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  >  > Subject: FOM: scientific wrongdoing
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  > ....  Indeed, when I touted the
  > unity of human knowledge as an essential component of the
  > f.o.m. outlook, an eminent logician took me to task for it!  He even
  > cited a postmodernist tract proving that that the unity of science is
  > a myth promulgated by plutocrats, warmongers, racists, and male
  > chauvinist pigs!  To review this transaction, search the FOM archive
  > <> for `unity of human knowledge'.
  > Incidents such as this make me question whether now is the time to
  > promote the study of mathematical logic as an antidote for the general
  > irrationality of our culture.
  Normally in this situation where personal politics as well as general 
  social circumstances play a role the indirect approach seems to bear 
  the most fruit. As you may well know logic, especially non-classical 
  logics such as modal and intensional logics, have been featuring very 
  strongly in the field called Formal Aspects of Computer Science (and 
  Artificial Intellegence). As everything to do with computers seems to 
  have quite some clout, promoting the use of logic in Computer Science 
  courses might have more far ranging influence on the scientific 
  community as a whole and lead to the reintroduction of logic in more 
  fields of science in the long run.
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