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Thu Feb 4 10:54:51 EST 1999

Let me present myself. I am a graduate in Physics studying since 1973 History
of Physics, Mathematics and Logic. My main subject was science around 
French revolution, but I am moving to science of our century.
Let me ask the following question: What occurs when in Goedel theorem one 
puts as the "finite" mathematics Hilbert allowed in metamathematics Bishop's
mathematics, which is well-defined both in mathematical terms (no more than
potential infinity) and in logical terms (non-classical logic)? I was unable
to find out literature about this point; common reference about "finite"
mathematics is Tait "Finitism", J. Phil. 1981 which moreover is in my opinion 
unsatisfactory in identifying "finitism" with primitive recursive functions.
Antonino Drago
Deprtment of Physical Sciences
Mostra Oltremare pad. 19
80125 Naples
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