FOM: Re: GCH for some cardinal nos.

Jan Mycielski jmyciel at euclid.Colorado.EDU
Mon Dec 20 18:27:00 EST 1999

The letter below was premature. The only cases of GCH which I am able to
prove in that theory are those of my posting of Dec. 3, 1999.
					Jan Mycielski	

On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Jan Mycielski wrote:
> 	I was able to strengthen the theorem announced in f.o.m. Dec. 3,
> 1999 in the following way:
> 	THEOREM. The theory ZFC + LAD + (DE or DI) proves GCH.
> 	(A part of the idea of the proof comes from the early work of
> Morton Davis on determinacy. I will try to publish my work in the J.S.L.)
> 						Jan Mycielski		 

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