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Richard Laver laver at euclid.Colorado.EDU
Sat Dec 4 19:25:48 EST 1999

           Job Opening
         The Univ. of Colorado has a tenure track assistant professor
job opening in logic, to start Fall 2000. The job is advertised on the AMS   
website and in other places, but it did not make it into the AMS Notices.
So we are asking the FOM readership to pass the word along.
Applicants should send a resume and arrange for four letters of recommendation,
at least one of which deals with the applicant's teaching, to be sent to
Search Committee (Attention: logic), Dep't of Math, Box 395,
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 80309. The department will
begin the reviewing process on December 15, applications will be accepted
until the end of January.
    The university is committed to equal opportunity in its hiring
practices. Regarding one facet of that, although we are only authorized
to hire at the assistant professor level, we note that some applications 
have been coming in from people somewhat beyond that level. Presumably     
such applications would not be part of this search but could be considered
by the dean if they represented an exceptional opportunity. 
            Rich Laver
            laver at

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