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Wed Aug 4 14:07:50 EDT 1999

At 12:05 PM 8/4/99 +0100, Harvey Friedman replied to my comments on his

Harvey has kindly referred to me as "wise." I would like to say that I am a
great admirer of his energetic, and in many ways brilliant, work, and
especially his finding manageable combinatorial theorems requiring large
cardinal assumptions.
Despite our disagreement, which of course this exchange has not eliminated,
I think we have common beliefs about the great importance and intellectual
interest in fom issues.

As to the exchange itself, I think our views are now clear enough and I
prefer to discontinue the point-by-point rebuttal which could go on ad

Of course if other people on the list want to pursue any of the particulars
I raised, I'll be pleased to respond. 

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