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As far as I know given a Logic L the Kripke models for that logic 
is of the form <U,R,V>, with U the so-called "worlds".  R a relation or 
a set of relations on U, viewed as "accessibility relations". V a map from 
UxP to 2 (true/false) with P the set of atomic propositions in L, where V 
is viewed as a "valuation at a world". I just want to ask you 2 questions:

1. What is the standard/original reference to Kripke models (and do 
you have an electronic version of it for me)? It seems that these models 
actually originally arise from Carnap and Prior.
2. Do Kripke models exist in a more general sense, meaning that you 
don't need to refer to a logic? The definition of V relies 
explicitely on the logic L.

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