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MIT Mathematics Professor
Gian-Carlo Rota dies at 66

April 21, 1999

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CAMBRIDGE, MA. April 21 -- MIT Professor of Mathematics Gian-Carlo Rota
died last weekend, apparently
in his sleep, at his Cambridge apartment on the eve of a celebration of
his work at Temple University in
Philadelphia. He was 66.

Dr. Rota was to have given a series of three lectures, the Groswald
Memorial Lectures, Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday at Temple University, expounding on his work. Temple
University Professor of Mathematics Alu
Srinivasan, who organized the event, said Dr. Rota "is one of the
greatest men in the 20th century in
combinatorics," his field of mathematics. Dr. Rota has described
combinatorics as "putting different-colored
marbles in different-colored boxes, and seeing how many ways you can
divide them."

The death of Dr. Rota was discovered following inquiries from Temple
University when Dr. Rota failed to
arrive in Philadelpia for the lecture series. Cambridge Police went to
his apartment and found him dead in bed.
The cause of death has not yet been announced. The announcement of his
death was delayed until it was
confirmed today that his next of kin, who are in Europe, were notified.

A more extensive obituary will be published on the News Office web site
tomorrow. An interview with Dr.
Rota was published in MIT Tech Talk last October 28.


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 MIT News Office
 (617) 253-2704
 brehm at

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