FOM: Grothendieck universes; Friedman/Grothendieck analogy

Martin Schlottmann martin_schlottmann at
Mon Apr 19 18:22:14 EDT 1999

Stephen G Simpson wrote:
> Colin Mclarty 17 Apr 1999 18:21:37 writes:
>  > Whatever restriction you place you must make sure it is compatible
>  > with all the constructions you want to do.
> Perhaps you have lost the thread of what we are talking about.  If you
> think about the context of the discussion, I think you will
> immediately realize that I don't want to do any particular
> category-theoretic constructions.

Actually, I would appreciate to see a fairly
comprehensive list of all the relevant,
intrinsic category-theoretic constructions,
together with considerations of "smallness"
etc. Embedding these constructions in ZF would
settle this kind of problem once and for
all time.

Martin Schlottmann

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