FOM: Turing, Gandy and the British Secret Service

Thomas Forster T.Forster at
Wed Apr 7 04:44:15 EDT 1999

>In an informal conversation with me and others, Gandy said that 
Andrew Hodges, the author of the book about Turing, had originally intended to 
state that Turing had been killed by the British Secret Service 
(presumably because they would view him as a security risk) 
but that he, Gandy, had persuaded Hodges not to make that statement. 

I have heard this story too. My informant (now dead) was once
Christopher Strachey's research assistant.   I don't believe a word
of it.  Not that it couldn't be true, merely that the likeliest
explanation for its currency is that it is such a good yarn. 

     Thomas Forster

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