FOM: power shift axiom scheme

Harvey Friedman friedman at
Fri Apr 2 06:27:36 EST 1999

Forster 5:35PM 4/2/99 wrote:

>Theorem I is known.   I would be very interested to see proofs -
>or skethces thereof - of the rest of Harvey's reported results.
>This isn't polite scepticism - i have long believed results like
>this to be true, and that Harvey is capable of proving them -
>it's British understatement!

I have been juggling a very large number of things recently, and I am
certain to run into an error in something or other at some point. So it is
perfectly reasonable for you to want to see some details. I should get to
it within a week or so. Thanks for saving me from dealing with Theorem I.

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