FOM: Szolem Mandelbrojt and Bourbaki

Colin McLarty cxm7 at
Wed Sep 30 17:56:15 EDT 1998

A.R.D.Mathias wrote:

>So any information about the scope of Mandelbrojt's mathematical work, 
>and about his involvement with Bourbaki, and any psychological insights 
>into a possible estrangement from Bourbaki, would be most welcome. 

        There is just a word about this in James Gleick's CHAOS (pp.89-90).
In short he says Bourbaki was axiomatic and formal, and found geometry
"untrustworthy". He says, Mandelbrot "fled the Ecole Normale because of
Bourbaki and a few decades later he fled France for the same reason".

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