FOM: Szolem Mandelbrojt and Bourbaki

Adrian Mathias amathias at
Thu Sep 24 15:43:09 EDT 1998

Can any one tell me anything about Szolem Mandelbrojt (1899-1983) 
and his relations with the Bourbaki group ? 

I ask because resulting from my recent posting of "further remarks 
on Bourbaki" a statement has reached me (from an anonymous 
French source, filtered through two other people) that Mandelbrojt 
(who, I understand, left Poland for France in 1920) 
was kept out of university positions for most of his life by a 
Bourbachiste veto. 

I notice the curious fact that he is listed as one of the founding 
fathers of Bourbaki by Chevalley, by the sister of Cavailles, and 
by Corry in his Synthese article; but is omitted from that list 
by Armand Borel and by Pierre Cartier. 

So any information about the scope of Mandelbrojt's mathematical work, 
and about his involvement with Bourbaki, and any psychological insights 
into a possible estrangement from Bourbaki, would be most welcome. 


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