FOM: Reply to Professor Segal

Colin McLarty cxm7 at
Wed Sep 2 17:43:48 EDT 1998

Mathias writes:

        Speaking of members of Bourbaki

>Cartier agrees with Armand Borel, and goes on to list subsequent 
>generations as follows: 
>second:  Schwartz, Serre, Samuel, Koszul, Dixmier, Godement, Eilenberg. 
>third: Borel, Grothendieck, Bruhat, Cartier, Lang, Tate.

        I don't believe Grothendieck was ever a member. He attended some
meetings. I have heard he declined to join as he found Bourbaki "too
conservative". Does anyone know any documentation besides Cartier's

Colin McLarty

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