FOM: feasibility discussion

Kanovei kanovei at
Sat Oct 17 04:21:50 EDT 1998

mellon at writes:

<but you did
<prove that n(3)>A7(184). What does *that* mean?

Most likely 9^9^9... (8 times) < 8^8^8...(9 times). 
If so what does it mean ? And is it less meaningful 
than n(3)>A7(184), mathematically ? The only clear 
differences I see are 
1) everybody knows what is 8^8^... but much less people 
know what is, say, n(3), so n(3)>A7(184) has some fresh 
attraction and the constructions involved seem to 
reflect some nontrivial combinatorics
2) perhaps, the proof of n(3)>A7(184) is much more complicated

If, in some future, a thousand of meaningful mathematical 
facts will be proved, in matters of the notions involved 
in n(3)>A7(184), then everobody agrees that this has given 
new insights in the nature of numbers. 


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