FOM: Epistemology vs. Ontology of Number: Number as a notion of specific kind.

Alex intech at
Fri Oct 16 03:27:36 EDT 1998

Neil Tennant wrote:

>  The notion of natural number
> and the laws of arithmetic arise out of the working of *any concepts
> whatsoever that divide their reference*, that is, under which
> re-identifiable individuals fall. It is so deeply meshed in the
> conceptual system of any sufficiently mature intellect that, once
> discovered and appreciated, it's there to stay.
>  The numbers themselves don't need
> interpretations. Only numerals do. The interpretation of a numeral is
> that it denotes a number.

Dear Neil ! Could you please crarify your views concerning numbers as
Maybe some discussions just mix epistemology with ontology of numbers?
Interactions between epistemological and ontological levels (between conceptual
schemes and real world  facts) seem to be very interesting.
***the applicability of the rules of arithmetic to objects in the physical
universe is an empirically observed phenomenon***

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