FOM: feasibility discussion

Harvey Friedman friedman at
Mon Oct 12 22:30:57 EDT 1998

This is directed to Parsons, Sazonov, Shipman, Silver, Tennant, and
Vorobey, who have been behind the current thread in which issues of the
status of the natural numbers and feasibility have been discussed (among
other issues).

Can my postings
19:Long Sequences 7/31/98
script/can't run away 9/15/98
21:Long Sequences/Update 10/13/98

concerning the investigation of n(1),n(2),n(3),n(4),m(1),m(2),m(3),m(4)

be integrated into the discussion, and/or perhaps bring a wider audience
into some aspects of the discussion, such as a wide variety of

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