FOM: Reply to Kanovei on counting

Kanovei kanovei at
Sun Oct 11 13:04:12 EDT 1998

read sometimes your own post even if you 
do not like that of mine ! 

<But this kind of problem
<faces us all the time---for example, in conducting a census even in a
<small nation like the Vatican. Indeed, given geriatric hostage to
<fortune, even an answer to the question
<	"What, right now, is #x(x is a Cardinal in Rome)?"
<has to be taken with fingers crossed.  

This is of yours. The following is how I render it: 

<NT's thesis:
<We cannot say that at the moment C has some number of 
<elements because we do not have full information about C. 
<For instance take as C the "set" of all cardinals in the 
<Roman church. We know, in principle, there are say 9 of them 
<(whom we could know by names). But since they are, generally elderly 
<people one of them could decease (god forbids !) a minute ago, 
<so for safety reasons is is better not to bet on 9 in this case ...

Is there any difference which has made you sure 
to write 

<Kanovei has misquoted me. In fact, it wasn't even
<an attempt to quote me, but rather an attempt to attribute to me a
<strange view of his own concoction ...

(except for my change of your chat-style to more academic one). 

I will be happy to continue this "cardinal of cardinals" 
discussion: please do not switch off. However sorry if it has 
caused you any trouble.


As the Cenzor may not let this post go through it is also 
copied to the personal address.

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