FOM: indubitability (or "certainty")

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Sun Oct 4 23:46:08 EDT 1998

>And also Stephen Shanker's very long "Wittgenstein's Remarks on the
>of Goedel's Theorem" in S.G. Shanker (ed.), Goedel's Theorem in Focus, North
>Ride (Aus): Croom Helm, 1988.

Sorry, Suart Shanker.

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Theorem 1. Every horse has an infinite number of legs. 
(Proof by intimidation.)

Proof. Horses have an even number of legs. Behind they 
have two legs and in front they have fore legs. This makes
six legs, which is certainly an odd number for a horse.
But the only number that is both odd and even is infinity.
Therefore horses have an infinite number of legs.

Joel E. Cohen, "On the Nature of Mathematical Proofs"

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