FOM: indubitability (or "certainty")

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Fri Oct 2 17:50:51 EDT 1998

Link wrote:
>Regarding J. Kennedy's recent remark.
>For an interpretation of
>Wittgenstein's remarks on the foundations of mathematics,
>look at Stroud's response to Dummett in Philosophical
>Review 74 (1965), pp. 504ff., and Floyd, in Synthese, 1991,
>and her recent work on Wittgenstein's remarks on Godel.
>--M. Link
And also Stephen Shanker's very long "Wittgenstein's Remarks on the
of Goedel's Theorem" in S.G. Shanker (ed.), Goedel's Theorem in Focus, North
Ride (Aus): Croom Helm, 1988.

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