FOM: Re: Mandelbro(j)ts and Bourbaki

Colin McLarty cxm7 at
Thu Oct 1 14:49:16 EDT 1998

        I had replied to a query on Szolem Mandlebrojt by A.R.D. Mathias:

>> >         There is just a word about this in James Gleick's CHAOS (pp.89-90).
>> > In short he says Bourbaki was axiomatic and formal, and found geometry
>> > "untrustworthy". He says, Mandelbrot "fled the Ecole Normale because of
>> > Bourbaki and a few decades later he fled France for the same reason".

        Reuben Hersh added

>> 	Why not ask Mandelbrot's nephew Benoit?

Michel Eytan <eytan at> replied: 

>The Mandelbrot you are referring to (Benoit, inventor of Fractals) is
>*distinct* from his uncle Mandelbro*j*t (Szolem)

        Hersh seems to have known Benoit is not Szolem, and so he referred
to Benoit as a "nephew". 

        Gleick discusses both Szolem and Benoit. Indeed, the words I quoted
refer to Benoit. My apologies. But Szolem's relation to Bourbaki is
described on these same pages 87-89 of Gleick's CHAOS. 

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