FOM: reduced prices on Oxford Press logic and foundations books

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Thu Nov 19 11:56:47 EST 1998

 From: Solomon Feferman <sf at csli.Stanford.EDU>
 To: simpson <simpson at>
 Subject: Reduced prices on Oxford Press logic and foundations books
 Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 12:13:36 -0800 (PST)
 Dear Steve,
   Thanks for posting the information about the publication of my volume
 "In the Light of Logic" by Oxford Press. Since sending you that I have
 received a special offer catalogue from Oxford Press for mathematics
 books, including a number in logic, with reductions of 20% good until
 2/28/99.  The information about my book there on p. 17 uses a previously
 projected price of $55.00, but that was lowered to $49.95 on publication,
 as I wrote before.  Now with an additional 20% reduction, it can be
 purchased at $40.00 through the offer.  Let me also bring attention to the
 three volumes of the Collected Works of Kurt G"\odel, advertised at a
 reduced price of $60.00 each on p.22 of this catalogue.  There are a
 number of other interesting books in logic and foundations advertised
 there.  Subscribers to FOM who don't have the catalogue can call 
 1-800-451-7566 for a copy.  I'm told a special offer catalogue in
 philosophy will be sent out in January.
   I would appreciate your posting this information on FOM.
 Sol Feferman

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