FOM: Wittgenstein: two clarifications wtait at
Mon Mar 30 15:23:37 EST 1998

Much as I appreciated Neill Tennant's posting on Wittgenstein and Carnap 
and agree with what seems to be his general assesment of their 
characters, the following is too cynical and I don't want, by silence, to 
endorse it:
>I would conjecture that, human nature
>being what it is, any one of the scholars on this list who had had to put 
>up with this petulant and domineering behaviour on Wittgenstein's part would 
>have made every effort, subsequently, to ensure that hardly a trace of his
>(W.'s) documentable intellectual influence survived to impose a duty of
>scolarly acknowledgement. 
And of this 
>That Carnap continued to give W. credit where
>credit was due is a measure of his (C.'s) magnanimity.
I want to say: No, it is a measure of his honesty.

Bill Tait

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