FOM: Corrections to my note today on Consistency Proofs wtait at
Mon Mar 30 11:44:34 EST 1998

 Naturally, ``quatifiers'' in
 >(Assume that the conclusion of the original deduction contains no 
>quatifiers, e.g. by taking its universal closure, and then replace all of 
>the remaining free variables in the deduction by 0.)
is my private technical term for ``free variables''.

Also, `G(phi)' in

>The Gentzen consistency proof is in a different direction and is best 
>understood as showing how to transform any proof of Delta in PA into a 
>winning strategy for player DISJ in his game G(phi) with CONJ.
should be replaced by `G(Delta)'. (I don't know whether the `G' is for 
game of for Gentzen.)

Bill Tait

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