FOM: What is the standard model for PA?

Martin Davis martind at
Thu Mar 26 17:41:12 EST 1998

At 12:39 AM 3/27/98 +0300, sazonov at wrote:

>Strange. It seems I remember that you expressed the opinion
>that the universe of sets is indeterminate in contrast to the
>natural numbers, or something like this.

I don't think so. The view I expressed on fom is the only problem I have
with the cumulative hierarchy is its length. In particular, I regard
V_{omega + omega} as quite determinate.

Reuben Hersh quoted on fom several time a facetious remark I had made to him
in person some months ago to the effect that I am a Platonist about the
natural numbers but agnostic about sets. That may be what you're referring to.


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