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Martin Davis martind at
Mon Mar 23 12:19:21 EST 1998

At 10:23 PM 3/22/98 -0700, Reuben Hersh wrote:

>But I don't think the upholders of the antiquity of LT would agree
>that LT came to be true only at a certain maturity of the cosmos.
>I expect that they hold it was true ever since the big bang, and
>even before.  Or perhaps to put it more acceptably, it is simply
>timeless, and makes no sense to put a "when?" to it.
>So the pebbles on a Jurassic beach are a diversion.

I can just imagine what you would say to a student who produced such a non
sequitor. It seems to me that you're just evading.

The question is (as you surely must know by now): how could LT have been
applicable to jurassic pebbles if the theorem only makes sense in the
context of human activity?


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