FOM: NFU (and an ad)

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Sat Mar 21 11:40:44 EST 1998

Colin Mclarty writes:
 > 	Nice post. If it is an ad it is also much more, and as
 > strongly as I support the ban on ads I think this is fine.

There is no ban on ads.  So far as I am concerned, a straightforward
ad for a new book related to f.o.m. is acceptable, certainly
preferable to the flood of irrelevent postings that we have been

In this case, Holmes started by asking me off-line whether it would be
OK to post an ad for his new book on NFU.  I replied that it would be
OK, but I'd appreciate it if he could supplement the ad with some
actual f.o.m. content, specifically a discussion of whatever
difficulties come up in using NFU as a replacement for ZFC in f.o.m.
He did so admirably and I appreciate it very much.

-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

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