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Kanovei kanovei at
Fri Mar 20 04:42:51 EST 1998

<So would it be fair to summarize this as "a time-varying perception of
<time-invariant mathematics?"  Seems a reasonable viewpoint.

Some of the words above do not belong to that minimum of 
English which I am fluent in, so most likely I should not 
answer yes or no. 

To summarize my writings on this matter, I think that 

1) there are concrete physical reasons (e.g. the 
observable stability of counting) which, I think 
force, in 
1-1 way, the known to us development of arithmetic 
(with its Lagrange theorem), by any 
"celestial civilization" living in approximately 
similar conditions. 

2) keeping this in mind, we may admit that "the" 
mathematics is time-invariant, as you suggest, 
which may possibly be characterized as 
some sort of platonism.

3) the abovewritten does not encounter such issues 
as social construction of "celestials", their 
psychology and perhaps other factors, 
that is the matter 
about which basically nothing is known leaving 
aside phylosophical speculations, star treks, 
and studies of New Guinea tribes. 


Vladimir Kanovei

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