FOM: difference, structure, congruence

Leo Harrington leo at
Wed Mar 18 16:52:24 EST 1998

	Vaughan Pratt has asked for a rephrasing of the last
paragraph of the posting: difference, structure, congruence.
	Let me say that I am glad he asked that question, since:

	Notice that the last paragraph is preceded by the 
capitalized word `BUT'.
	The capitalized word `BUT' also appears earlier in the posting.
	The two instances of `BUT' are each followed by a paragraph; one
of these paragraphs is the one for which a rephrasing has been asked.
	The two paragraphs are different (the first has 4 lines, the
second 3); but are they congruent?
	If they are, then we might have established the existence
of the desired rephrasing.

PS	Vaughan, you conclude with:

>Reason I ask is that the context seems to make me the singleton and Steve
>the doubleton.  It would disturb me to cogitare Steve est et non sum.

I think it would disturb Steve if you were not disturbed.  
	In the context (ie see the paragraph following the line
`The current conversation about boolean algebras and boolean rings'), 

as the doubleton, Steve is in the role of one who would "bring
something into existence"; as the singleton you are in the role of one
involved with "the treatment of the thing" granted its existence.
	But don't worry, in the context: cogitare Steve est ergo sum.

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