FOM: Basta

Arnon Avron aa at
Wed Mar 18 11:12:24 EST 1998

> "Wet blanket" takes his leave.

I confess ignorance of what the above expression actually means. It
has been clear enough, though, that it is not something nice. Still, I never
thought that a leading researcher like you need any "defence". The idea 
that somebody should defend you seems to me ridiculous. THe fact that
you were attacked like this, on the other hand, is a shame for the FOM list.

 There are hundreds of people on the FOM list. Most of them are passive
readers of the many (far too many) messages that are sent to it everyday.
Those readers read it because they are truly interested in the subject
(but not in the quarrels, which are sometimes childish). I know for certain
that the overwhelming majority of the readers (if not all of them) are
very interested in what *you* have to say.  The fact that sombody, no
matter who (even if his initials are hmf) behaves the way he does (and
refuses even to apologize) is no reason to leave.

 Sol, I just cant imagine an interest group on FOM which does not include 
you. PLEASE dont leave it. The subject is too important for this.


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