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Tue Mar 17 20:01:01 EST 1998

At 11:48 pm +0100 17/3/98, F. Xavier Noria wrote:

>My answer to this and the other questions about asteroid collision is P is
>first-order provable in (formalized) ZFC, that's all. This fact might have
>nothing to do with truth.
>Nevertheless, I think that the fact that P is first-order provable in
>(formalized) ZFC is, has been, and will be true.

You misunderstood my definition of P.

P is *not* the well-ordering theorem, but the proposition that the WOT is
provable in ZFC.

I wrote:

>>Let P be the proposition that the well-ordering theorem is first-order
>>provable in (formalized) ZFC.

So, in effect, your answser is that P *itself* ` has been, and will be true'.
In other words, here we have a mathematical proposition on which both of us
agree that it is eternally true.


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