FOM: retraction

Harvey Friedman friedman at
Tue Mar 17 04:03:27 EST 1998

Reply to Tragesser 4:28AM 3/17/98.

>        I write because no one more
>able has risen to defend Feferman --
>which I find startling indeed.

You are impatient. Obviously, Feferman will "defend" himself if he thinks
he has been "attacked" and thinks it is worthwhile to "defend" himself.

But I am quite sure that what you wrote is not anything he welcomes as a

Your posting is dated 4:28AM, which is probably a time at which you are
normally asleep. I think on reflection, you probably wish you were asleep.
Please retract the posting with an apology; and, if you desire, a reposting
of some dignified version of it. Thank you.

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