FOM: Foundations of Boolean near-triviality

Olivier Gerard jacquesg at
Mon Mar 16 20:12:40 EST 1998

At 00:13 +0200 98.03.17, Moshe' Machover wrote:
> I have been following the long tortuous exchange about boolean
> algebras/rings with incredulous amazement.
> In a one-year course that John L Bell and I used to teach here in London to
> first-year graduates, this matter was one of the simpler problems that the
> students were supposed to solve (with hints provided).
This is a confirmation of the "Intersection Law of Group Thinking"
derived by analogy of the old "Weak Chain Lemma":

"In a discussion group, the reasonement abilities are inferior or equal
to the intersection of those of all members taking part."

This is classically provable with PRA (Primitive Recursive Arguing), a
system whose inconsistency is a well understood result by passive members
of the fom-list.

Olivier Gerard
Paris 7

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