FOM: the problem of frivolous postings

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Mon Mar 16 14:29:32 EST 1998

Recently there have been quite a few frivolous postings on the FOM
list.  I'm referring to postings that have no f.o.m. content
whatsoever, such as Vaughan Pratt's postings of 15 Mar 1998 11:44:03
(replying to Julio Gonzalez Cabillon), 15 Mar 1998 09:40:15 and 14 Mar
1998 17:32:01.

As FOM moderator, I have the ability to censor inappropriate postings
by refusing to forward them to the FOM list.  I've resisted the
impulse to do so, because I don't want to set off a firestorm of
misdirected protest.

Question for FOM subscribers: Would you protest if I censor irrelevant
postings?  Please reply to me personally <simpson at> and
not to the FOM list.

-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

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