FOM: Friedman's result

Torkel Franzen torkel at
Mon Mar 16 02:37:21 EST 1998

  Neil Tennant says:

   >Martin Davis, among the distinguished figures on this list, is
   >gracious enough to praise it highly. But Torkel Franzen, normally very
   >astute in his observations, inexplicably dismisses the result as not
   >very exciting.

  I'm bemused that my comments about Friedman's work have been
transformed in your mind into a "dismissal", apparently on the sole
ground that I think it's a bit too soon to characterize it as
tremendously important progress in f.o.m.

  >Later Torkel admonishes
  >Harvey by saying that one should wait for the result to sink in with
  >the experts before pronouncing on its significance.

  Well, no. Friedman's original announcement was unexceptionable. My
comments were a response to Simpson's contributions.

Torkel Franzen

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