FOM: judging f.o.m.

Torkel Franzen torkel at
Mon Mar 16 02:33:32 EST 1998

  Harvey Friedman says:

   >This kind of scarcasm is out of place on the fom, especially since it
   >involves a whole class of people who are not on the fom.

  There wasn't any sarcasm in the statement you quote. While I'm
pleased if my invocation of Cardinal Granvelle helps stimulate you to
explain and expound on your results, I see no merit in your invitation
to further squabbling. I can only assume that your concern is prompted
by the sort of worry you have expressed earlier that members of the
"silent majority" might fail to perceive the rights and wrongs of the
matter. But take heart! If your work does in fact represent an epochal
advance in f.o.m., this will undoubtedly become manifest despite the
occasional heckler.

  I have no objection to resuming the discussion of intellectual
interest, when feathers are less ruffled.

Torkel Franzen

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