FOM: game-playing?

Vaughan Pratt pratt at cs.Stanford.EDU
Sun Mar 15 19:36:12 EST 1998

From: Jaap van Oosten 13 Mar 1998 14:29:46
> For others (and I suspect Riis and also Pratt to be among those), this
> debate is a game they enjoy. 

From: Steve Simpson 3/15/98 1:47P
>If such a suspicion is correct, I find it shocking and disgusting.
>The purpose of the FOM list is not game-playing.  F.o.m. is a serious,
>important scientific subject.  Here on the FOM list we are expected to
>conduct ourselves as scientific professionals.

I am shocked that anyone would think I treated FOM as a less serious
game than life itself.  If I have not bloviated to the high standards
set on FOM, please bear with me while I learn the ropes.

Vaughan Pratt

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