FOM: Boolean rings; basis vs signature

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Sun Mar 15 09:03:23 EST 1998

Vaughan Pratt writes:
 > >Boolean algebras have a specific signature.  Do you agree?  The
 > >signature of Boolean algebras is {^,v,~}.  Do you agree?  The
 > >signature of Boolean algebras is finite.  Do you agree?
 > No, sometimes, and sometimes.

OK, good, thanks for answering those questions.  Now Vaughan, since
you answered those questions, you must be claiming to know what
"signature" means.  Could you please define rigorously what you mean
by "signature"?

I think we are getting somewhere.  I'm holding on to the hope that,
after only a few more clarifications, we'll have a basis for rational
discussion of Boolean algebras and other structures.  Remember the
watchwords: patience and intellectual integrity.

-- Steve

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